Good Works Bucks

Last summer I started a program where the kids can earn a piece of paper that says, “Good Work” on it to buy things. I have a stack of Good Works and when one of the kids does something extra nice for somebody, does a job with out being asked, does jobs they are asked to do without complaining, etc. I give them a buck.

They each have their own envelopes to keep the bucks in, and I have some things that the kids can save up their bucks to buy. We have had games, stickers, toys, watches, CD’s and right now for the first time I am offering a trip to “Chuck E Cheese” for 15 bucks. There are usually several choices, and a range of prices so that they have to decide if they want the stickers for 5 bucks now, or to keep saving up to get the Barbie for 15 bucks. It’s a lesson in money and in good behavior!

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  1. Heather M.
    Jul 18, 2006

    I think I might give this a try. What a great idea! And I really like that it teaches delayed gratification too.