Filing a Memory

As I was cleaning today, I went to wash up the metal filing cabinet in the office. As I scrubbed it I had a memory of the days when I was younger, maybe ten years old, and would go to my Dad’s offices to clean. We thought it was the coolest thing ever, because we were paid! I  don’t remember how much we got, and it didn’t last too long (because apparently we weren’t doing a stellar job). But for some reason cleaning the offices and bathrooms was way more fun there than it was at home.

Our filing cabinet reminds me specifically of an office in the egg packing plant. It was a tiny little office and had a couple of the light tan metal cabinets for filing. There was a desk with a phone and chair, and that’s about it. The cabinets dominated the office, so I guess that’s why it stuck in my head.

Outside of that office there was a vending machine. The kind with the coil things that turn when you put your money in and then the food falls into the bottom and you push a rectangular door open to reach in and grab it.  My sister Erica and I thought that was way fun, and used our little arms to reach through the door up to the snacks and try to pull things out of the coils. **Wince** I think we may have even gotten something once too. **Gasp** I have since repented.

I also remember huge stacks of wooden pallets for loading the eggs, and of course a fork lift. Oh, and there was a cardboard Jolly Green Giant in there somewhere too. I know there’s a picture of Erica with it somewhere.

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  1. Erica
    Feb 23, 2012

    Oh, I remember trying to grab snacks too! We were such renegades! I will repent…just in case I didn’t back then! Thanks for the memory…oh, and I am loving the new layout. Gotta get the number for your web designer. 🙂