Twin T-Shirts

We have a little obsession with getting fun t-shirts. We find them mostly on Woot. Rob actually finds them so he can tell you other sites to look at too. We’re still waiting to get this one. Any Princess Bride fans will appreciate it. One day last week we all had a twin, so we took this picture. The little girls’ shirts are from Walmart or Target- They like to be twinners sometimes too.

See how Emma only has 3 inches until she’s as tall as me? And how Hunter’s passed me and is gaining on Rob? And how Sabrina is gaining on Hannah? It ain’t right I tell you. They grow too fast!


  1. Melly
    Oct 5, 2010

    Cute. We love our t-shirts too. Actually most of my tops are t-shirts. And most of them are woot ones. 🙂 Cute family.

  2. stephanie
    Oct 8, 2010

    Doug is totally in to t-shirts as well. He’s bought them from a number of sources. His most recent one is this one and I really like it:

    I can’t believe your kids are getting so tall!! Crazy!