How Not To Be Discouraged

Recently my Mom gave me a little blue card that was given out at a Youth Conference when I was twelve years old. I remember this conference because it was the first one I went to as a “Young Woman” and we had a great church leader speak to us. Actually, maybe it was part of our Stake Conference and not actually just for the youth, but I remember that it seemed like a big deal that Elder Gene R. Cook wanted to talk directly to the youth. This was in the days before the For the Strength of Youth program began so it was more unique to have something directed at us from a visiting General Authority. I was sitting on the left side of the chapel and he had a chalkboard on wheels brought in for his presentation. On the chalkboard he listed the main points of his talk, and they were also made up into little business card size reminders that we could take with us. I took the faded blue card that my Mom gave to me and put it in a picture frame. I gave that to Hunter for his room. It makes me feel better to know that as he heads into the middle school phase of life he has this list ready for him if he should be discouraged, or need the comfort of the Lord.

I love how Elder Cook lists things so simply, and since my oldest is fast approaching the age I was when I received this advice, I wanted to make a record of it. I tried to find a typed copy of the talk.  What I found was more recent, but seems to be the same as what he presented to us back in the 80’s. Read through the talk if you get the chance. It’s wonderful!

I’ll list here what it says on my card, and in italics write how it’s listed in his talk from 2000:

How to Invite the Spirit Immediately

“How Not To Be Discouraged”

1. Pray

2. Read Scriptures

3. Testify

4. Sing

5. Express Love to God and Man

6. Share Spiritual Experiences

7. Seek a Priesthood Blessing

How to Discourage Discouragement






Love and Gratitude

Share Spiritual Experiences

Priesthood Blessings


  1. Erica
    Mar 15, 2010

    I remember those cards floating around too. Great advice that still applies today. Gotta love how truth remains the same, even though the times change.

  2. nana
    Mar 30, 2010

    What a great idea to frame it. I love those cards. I even made some up in Croatian and sent them to Chris, not sure he ever used them but I too love the simplicity.