FHE: I Will Choose the Right

This is the lesson I used for our latest lesson using  My Gospel Standards. The theme this week was “I Will Choose the Right.”

I found this lesson after a google search and it worked out great. It is called “Making Good Choices: Stairways and Superheroes.” There are several visual printouts that were very helpful in giving the kids an idea of how our choices can lead us upwards toward Good, or downwards towards Evil. I used two little Lego guys (one who made good choices, and one who made bad choices) to show how they moved up or down based on their choices.

Here’s a sample from the lesson:

… Show a picture of stairs going up and stairs going down. (See Visual Aid 1 for an example –
could be a poster or whiteboard – you will add onto it during the lesson as shown by the visual
Talk about how superheroes didn’t just start out by being at the top of the stairs or
supervillians at the bottom of the stairs, but they made small choices every day that led them
eventually up the stairs or down the stairs. (A good example of this is Anakin from the Star
Wars movies who became Darth Vader.)
We, too, have choices every day that either lead up, toward our Father in Heaven, or down,
away from Him.
Adding On – Name the Steps
Next comes a fun part. Giving names to each of the stairs. Ask the children, “What are
choices that we make that would make us go up a step?” (list them as shown in the example)
“What are choices that we make that would make us go down a step?” (See Visual Aid 2.)
Adding On – Repentance …

We also played the optional game at the end of the lesson on our own stairway. The kids started in the middle and had to work their way up based on the choices they drew from some choices I wrote on some index cards. (I used 75% good choices so that the kids would eventually make it to the top and not be discouraged.) After the game we had some ice cream. It was a fun lesson and the kids were all interested an engaged the whole time!