Reader’s Digest July 2009

Hunter started performances for Pageant of the Masters.

We dressed up in our patriotic best and went to the local Fourth of July bike parade.

Emma rode in the parade and the rest of us watched and waved.

At home, the girls put on an American Girl parade of their own.

Here are the girls outside the movie theater after we went to one of the free family summer movies.

Hunter and Emma both continued reading the Harry Potter series. By the end of the summer, Emma finished them all.

Sabrina had her very first dance class.

Hannah was able to be in the same class, and loved every minute of it.

They also spent some time in tap shoes and were so graceful.

We spent a week at Hero Camp. This year’s theme was “Feel the Joy.” The day I helped with was a Christmas theme and I put together the fireplaces for the lesson rooms.

Hannah’s class learned a fun sheep song complete with puppets.

There were lots of activities and crafts to go along with the themes each day. Emma and her friends were serious about this cookie decorating one.

On the last day each class performed a song. Hunter’s class song included sign language, which was really neat.

We went to the circus and saw these women blown out of cannons.

And our Daddy had a birthday!