Story Box

Hannah and Sabrina put together their own story box after watching Pinky Dinky Doo. They were on a real kick watching this show and love to tell stories just like Pinky.  They found two cardboard moving boxes and we taped them together so they could both fit inside. Now they can use chalk to draw pictures of the stories they tell, and it erases really well by wiping with a dry cloth. Who needs a chalkboard?  So clever.

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Be A Hero

This is the fourth year that we have done Hero Camp. If you want to see past years here are the links: 2007 Operation Divine Love, 2008 Always Remember, 2009 Feel the Joy.  Because it is so fun and such a testimony builder, I decided that I really wanted the kids to have this experience again this summer, so we commuted the hour and a half drive to participate. We stayed with our good friends on Tuesday and Thursday night to break up the week and it wasn’t bad at all. Totally worth it!

This year’s theme was “Be a Hero.” The Olympics was part of the theme and the social hall was decorated like a stadium with balloon people. So cute. Each day (Mon-Thu) had a focus and a hero and there there are classes and activities revolving around that. The kids also practice songs throughout the week and perform them on Friday morning for their parents. There is a memory book that is put together for each child during the week too. This year I was on the committee for this so I didn’t spend much time involved with the classes, and don’t have as many pictures. But you’ll get a feeling for it.

Monday: Believe – Nephi – “I will go and do as the Lord commands…” 1 Nephi 3:7 – The kids talked about setting worthy goals and believing that the Lord will help you accomplish them. Hunter was a counselor this year and helped with organizing the groups and getting the kids where they need to be. He did a great job!

Tuesday: Train – Missionaries – “Be ye strong therefore,… for your work shall be rewarded.” 2 Chronicles 15:7 –  The kids had their pictures taken in front of a Wheaties box for their memory books, and saw a dog show to demonstrate “the five S’s of training: stamina, speed, strength, skill and spirit.” -K. Doherty

Wednesday: Overcome – Job (Who better to demonstrate the ability to overcome obstacles?) – “And to him who overcometh, and keepeth my commandments unto the end, will I give power…” JST Revelations 2:26 –  A bubble lady gave a demonstration and there was an obstacle course that the kids did with donations going to an Autism awareness charity.

Thursday: Unite – Helaman and the Stripling Warriors (sorry the picture is so dark) – “they did assemble themselves together… and they were exceedingly valiant for courage… they were men of truth and soberness, for they had been taught to keep the commandments of God…” Alma 53:16,20,21 – Each child had a picture taken with their mother and wrote a note for their memory book with the words “my mother taught me…” Sabrina wrote to swim; Hannah wrote to share and love; Emma wrote to be an example. They all decorated a cardboard shield and got an inflatable sword.

Friday is the most fun for the parents because that’s when the kids perform their songs, watch a slide show from the weeks activities, and get a memory book. Then everyone heads over to the lagoon to swim and play with their new and old friends. This year there was a sno-cone machine and nachos which Hunter hovered around much of the day. The girls swam and played for hours and then we left for home. I heard many times that week why did we have to move mom? I wish we could stay… I’ve heard a rumor that there will be a sort of manual made so others can start Hero Camps in their areas. I would be nervous to head it up, but it would be so fun to start it here next year. Something to think about…

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Hunter the Baker

Hunter wants to earn some money this summer, and has really become interested in baking. So he decided to combine the two and have a bake sale.

He sent out an email and received so many orders that we were baking for two full days to fill them in time. He learned a few things about business- he needs to pay Mom for ingredients, he needs to pay his assistants, time is worth something, and what seems too hard can be done.

His new hobby has made him some money and really sabotaged my chances of losing any weight this summer. But how can I discourage such talent?

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Reader’s Digest Version -Jan/Feb 2009

I wanted to recap the year in one post, but since this year was not the best blogging year for me, I think I’ll do it in little condensed issues. So here is our January & February issue:

Hunter, Emma, and Mom all auditioned for Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. Behind the kids are examples of the artwork in the show.

An “Emma & Mommy day” at the American Girl Place in LA. It was like going to heaven for her!

Rob tried out a new look, and so did Sabrina. Twinners!

Hannah celebrated her birthday wearing her pirate costume on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride. Cutest pirate ever!

I changed the look of our bedroom by getting a new duvet and dying our lilac colored bed skirt a chocolate brown.

Rob took a business trip to New York city and made a new friend at the Carnegie Deli.

We drove to Logan to visit all of the family there. Lots of fun, cousins, and food!

More cousins, snow, and sledding!

Uncle Gary made sure the kids all got a good ride.

Estee and Hannah with their Valentine kisses!

We thought we would have to leave Utah without ever seeing it snow. But on our last day it did, and we got to build snowmen.

Sabrina got her piggy cake for her birthday…

and a throne to sit on as she opened her presents!

Hannah and her pre-school friend Krista were ready for the whale watching  trip!

We saw many dolphins swimming next to our boat…

and we even saw a few whales! They’re harder to spot because they don’t jump out of the water like the dolphins.

And last, we went to a Valentines Day 80’s dance that was so rad! The kids had their own little party while the adults went crazy and reminisced the past.

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I’m So Done

housesearchWell, I couldn’t throw away the pile of papers I’ve acquired in this home search without documenting it. To read about the process I’ve used in the search click to read “Still Looking.” We numbered on a paper map and drove by at least 50 houses. (I’m not going to count, because I am so done with spending time on this.) And then there were the dozens we made appointments to see the inside of too, but weren’t quite right. Now that we have just what we were looking for, I feel like all of the time was worth it. And I feel very blessed that the Lord has always taken care of us so well. It definitely has not been easy, but I feel like He knew where we will be happy and led us to it. I can’t help but think of my s-i-l Holly and her current situation too. I respect her so much for following a prompting to go to an unknown city and start from scratch. I’m sure it has been difficult, but I know that things will work out for her there too. Hang in there Holly, I’m praying for you!

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Blogging For Girls

I recently put together a new blog. In my church calling I work with and teach the Mia Maids. I’m hoping that this blog will be helpful in communicating with them about activities, posting a calendar and the theme for the month, sharing pictures, and providing uplifting content. It has been a lot of fun to do, and I thought I’d share it with you:

Oak Creek Mia Maids

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